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Meaningful Education to Serve Farmington: With an undergraduate degree in Finance (BS 1998) and a law degree (JD 2001), Brett’s educational background certainly qualifies him for the position of Mayor.  To be brief, Brett understands budgets, revenue, and expenses.  He comprehends the law that governs our City and our rights as citizens.  Brett is ready to use his extensive business and legal acumen in the service of Farmington. 


Real Experience that Matters:  In addition to serving on the City Council for nearly 6 years and fulfilling the position as your Mayor Pro Tempore, Brett has real, meaningful experience that distinguishes him from other candidates and uniquely positions him to lead Farmington forward.  For years, Brett has co-managed a successful law firm with up to 30 employees.  He has negotiated many sizeable commercial transactions.  He has represented clients in litigation involving hundreds of millions of dollars.  He understands complex issues and is a proven problem solver.  Brett is not just eager and willing to serve; more importantly, he is ready, now, to protect and represent Farmington at every level.  Brett is the best candidate to represent Farmington.


A Hard Worker Who Never Sleeps: When he was about 11 years old, Brett started working on a ranch so he could buy school clothes for himself.  What started then was a lifetime of hard work that continues to this day.  Brett never stands still.  Somehow Brett manages to spend time with his wife and family, lead and fulfill callings in his church, volunteer as a coach for his kids, run a thriving law practice, and serve on the City Council.  Will he text you back at midnight?  Yes, because he’s still up.  Brett will tirelessly work for you every day of the term if elected.  It’s just what Brett does.


A Plea for Unity and Compassion:  Forces in our society are seeking to separate and divide us at about every level.  We see these efforts in the context of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, economics, and even what part of the City we live in (east versus west).  Different can be good, but distinguishing each other by these characteristics/factors often fosters division, not inclusion.  Brett believes we need to appreciate and embrace our common humanity.  We should seek to understand each other.  Strive to listen to competing points of view.  We may not always agree, but we should hear each other.  Even in Farmington, there should be no “east side” or “west side.”  We are one city. 

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