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Why I'm Running for Mayor of Farmington

Farmington is changing.  While some change is good, there is also a need to stay rooted to our past and the unique traits that make our City a beloved place to live.  It goes without saying that we have challenges, big challenges, including the proper development of the office park; the West Davis Corridor and the ongoing dispute with UDOT over our conservation lands; providing safe and sustainable supplies of water; maintaining sufficient emergency personnel and police services; addressing traffic and congestion; addressing street maintenance and installing sidewalks to protect our children; finding broadband solutions; tackling housing issues (density and affordability); and providing recreational opportunities (expansion of the swimming pool, pickle ball courts). 

I'm running for Mayor because I believe that we can steer Farmington to a better future.  I'm committed to listen to the voice of the people.  For we are the City.  I've spent the last 20 years as an attorney creating solutions for my clients and negotiating resolutions to complex issues.  I am a problem solver.  Over the past 11 years (5 years on Planning Commission and nearly 6 years on City Council ), I've seen and experienced what it takes to build and preserve our City.  I'm certain that we can continue to overcome our challenges, preserve what is best in our City, and move forward with confidence.

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